Thursday, August 27, 2009

My New Page

Hi guys. My new best friend Claire finally convinced me to take the leap and give hot phone sex a shot. I put my very own page up and I'm so excited to get to know you all and have some really hot phone fun. I've never done anything like this before but since it seems like I'm always wet and horny lately and I just can't get off enough, I think it's gonna be the perfect fit for me. When you get a chance check out my new page and let me know what you think. There's lots more naughty pics of me on there *giggle*. I would love to rub my wet juicy pussy or play with some of my toys while you stroke your big hard cock for me. We can talk about anything you want to, nothing is off limits with me. So if you're in the mood for some wild pregnant phone sex then give me a call at 1-888-474-6769 and ask for Brenda. My wet pussy is throbbing and I just can't wait to play with you...Kisses, Bren

Monday, August 24, 2009

Very Pregnant Phone Sex

GOOD BYE EVERYONE! It has cum to the time where me, (Claire) is getting a little too pregnant to be sitting at the computer all the time. I'm still very horny and available for 2girl calls. Just have to call 1-888-8-FREAKY and ask for Claire & Brenda. If you are one of my favorite boys that love to play you can still call the freaky number above and we can play. I'm just spending more time relaxing my back and using my vibrator. Almost time to have the baby! I'm lactating so much!

As you see, I was lucky to find a new best single mommy friend, BRENDA. She's in the pic to the right of mine. She's not as far along as me, so she'll be around longer. We still love doing 2girl calls together, but she's so beautiful I am sure you will have fun with her on solo calls, too!

She's not up on the website yet, but her new link will be: pregnant phone sex
Her AIM + Yahoo IDs are: BabyBumpBrenda
(I love that screen name, super cute!)

Don't forget me! I will miss you all! And I will still be available to 2 kinky naughty 2 girl phone sex calls with Brenda if you want! Anything Goes! Taboo Phone Sex!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pregnant Porn Phone Sex

Mmmmm... I can't stop thinking about my fun with (baby bump) Brenda the other night! She's so pretty! She let me take photos of her with my camera and she's going to start doing pregnant phone sex with me and when I'm gone, too. She's purrrrrfect. She gets my hot wet pussy even more HOTT. We love 2girl phone sex calls. Just call 1-888-8-FREAKY and ask for a 2girl call with CLAIRE and BRENDA. Just like that. You can get us both pregnant or have us be your nasty pregnant twin sisters... or you can knock up two teen sisters, mommy daughter, anything you want! Pop our cherries and put your babies in our bellies on your first try!

You can call us solo, too!
1-888-8-47HORNY ask for Claire
If you want Brenda solo call 1-888-8-FREAKY ask for Brenda

MY AIM: claireloves2cum
Brenda's AIM: BabyBumpBrenda

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fun With Claire

Hi guys. I'm Claire's friend Brenda. She's been trying to convince me to give phone sex a chance since I am sooo super horny all the time and I could use the extra money. I've been thinking about it and I had my first two-girl phonesex call with her yesterday. It was sooo much fun. I was really nervous and shy at first but by the end of the call my pregnant pussy was dripping wet and I just couldn't resist anymore so I grabbed my dildo and buried it deep inside of me until I came really hard all over it. Claire was my mom on our call and I was her horny virgin daughter that had just barely turned 18. We started out with mommy's sexy friend fucking her dripping wet pussy from behind while she licked my juicy little cunt and got it nice and sloppy wet. Her tongue felt so good sliding up and down my wet little slit and the feel of it flicking against my clit got it throbbing. He was pounding her so hard I could hear the sounds of his big cock thrusting in and out of her soaking wet pussy. It had me so excited that I wrapped my legs right around the back of her neck and pulled her in even closer and ground my cunt right against her face and that amazing tongue. Mommy started begging her friend to cum inside of her pussy and to get her pregnant. She wanted so badly to feel his baby growing inside of her that as soon as she felt his cum spurting inside she started screaming and her pussy covered his cock with her juices. As soon as his cock slid out of her pussy I grabbed it and wrapped my lips around it to pull every last drop of the cum into my mouth. It was so yummy I could taste Mommy's pussy juices mixed with it. Then I crawled in between Mommy's legs and spread her pussy lips open nice and wide so I could spit the rest of his cum deep inside of her. I wanted to make sure that she got pregnant. Then I laid down on my back and Mommy spread my legs open nice and wide. My pussy was all nice and sloppy wet from Mommy's tongue and her friend was all ready to pop my cherry. She grabbed his cock and guided it inside of me, telling me to take it like a good little girl for her. I was soo scared cause his cock was so big and I was worried that it was gonna hurt but she told me that it would start to feel good after a while if I just relaxed. It hurt so bad when he first put it inside of my tight little virgin pussy. I could feel it tearing me open and it made me yell but after he started thrusting it in and out of me I started to like how that big hard cock felt stretching me open. I started pushing my hips up and moaning while he fucked me harder and deeper. I could tell it was getting Mom really hot again too cause she was fingering her pussy while she watched. It started to feel so good that I begged him to get me pregnant too. I wanted to see my tummy grow big and round just like Mommy's. That would be sooo much fun for us to be pregnant together. And we wouldn't tell Daddy, it would be our little secret. His dick felt so good rubbing against my hard throbbing clit while he thrust it in and out of me that I just couldn't hold back anymore. I dug my nails into his back and exploded all over him. My pussy was convulsing around his cock and covering it in my pussy juices when I heard him groan and his dick started shooting a big huge hot load of thick cum deep inside of me. He shot it so deep that I could feel it hitting the back of my pussy walls. I came so hard that my legs were shaking. Mommy and me had a naughty little secret that we could never ever let daddy find out about. I hope her sexy friend comes to visit us again soon. If you're in the mood for some taboo phone sex then give us a call and ask for Claire and Brenda. We're always wet and ready to play. Or if you want to give me a try all by myself you can call 1-888-837-3259 and ask for Brenda.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Phone Sex Pregnant Girls

This is my new friend Brenda! Remember, I met her in a single moms birthing class. We were bothing chatting about how horny we've been in the 2nd trimester... but we don't really have anyone to have sex with! I was scared to tell her about what I've been doing... but she ended up being curious and not scared about it at all.
She's nervous about being naked, but let me see her naked and she has NOTHING to worry about. She's beautiful. I wish I looked like her. I'm farther along than she is. We think she's pregnant with twins. That's why she's so cute and round with her baby bump.

Her AIM + Yahoo names: BabyBumpBrenda

Tell her how pretty she is and that she should put herself on a page, too! I would love to do 2girl pregnant phone sex calls with her before I have to take maternity leave!

For yummy baby bump horny phone sex, call 1-888-8-FREAKY and ask for CLAIRE and BRENDA for a 2girl call. Or just call and ask for me and I can tell you ALL about her. ;)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pregnant Phone Sex

Ohhhhh! I really wish I could be having sex right now. Being a single mom, stinks and being soooo horny headed into my 3rd trimester. I'm getting so big... but since I'm going to be a single mom. (bf left me), I've joined a special Birthing Class and I met a new friend! Her name is Brenda. She's adorable, young, and innocent. I know we'll be great friends. :) We get along so well! We're bothing having babies, but I'll be having mine first hehe. I'm trying to convince her to do pregnant phone sex, too! We both talked about how horny we are. So horny we were almost about to hit on each other... just kidding... well, no I'm not. I'm not sure if she's into me like that though. She's beautiful. I love her long hair and creamy skin. We'll see if I can convince her to! When she's more convinced, I'll post her screen names on here and maybe you guys can help convince her to join the naughty phone sex world!

Your lonely single-mommy-to-be,

1*888-47*HORNY ask for me! We can do any fantasy you like! Even including a roleplay where we talk about Brenda, too!

Monday, July 13, 2009

It's our first time... I want all of you inside me.

After our date you walk me to my door... I don't want you to go and you can tell. You offer to make sure I get inside safely and I oblige... Before the door is even shut, we're kissing deeply. I can feel your hands all over my body and your tongue feels so good on my neck, climbing up to my cute lil ear lobe.
Tonight, I want you to have me. I want to feel your throbbing cock slip deep inside my tight pussy and slide in and out. Pump me nice and deep making me moan louder and louder until I cum all over you. My little legs shaking. My body quivering. My pretty green eyes looking up at you while I smile and say, "Cum inside me. Please cum in me." I'm begging you. Let me feel your hot load shoot deep into my pussy. I know you'll fill me up with all of that cream... I need it. I've wanted you for so long.

Won't you cum in my pussy?
Bareback phone sex! I'm not worried about getting my young pussy pregnant. It's just me and you.

1-888-47-HORNY ask for Claire.
No limits. Zero Taboos.
Kinky phone sex.